“More than Good Intentions” – Richard Thaler approved

Innovations for Poverty Action’s Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel are out with their new book, More than Good Intentions: How a New Economics is Helping to Solve Global Poverty. As the title suggests, it’s based around their work applying behavioral economics to problems in international development. The focus is on making small changes in areas like banking, insurance, and health care that can produce dramatic improvements in decision making and well-being.

Says Richard Thaler: “Karlan is one of the most creative and prolific young economists in the world. His research lies at the intersection of two of the hottest areas in the field: behavioral economics and development microfinance… [His and Appel’s book is] a good follow-up to Freakonomics, Predictably Irrational, and Nudge with a development and poverty spin.”

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