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Inspired by Commitment and Self-Control by Jawwad Noor of Boston University (with a nod to indexed).

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Nudge has endorsed lapel pins with a small computer chip that calculates one’s aggregate carbon footprint minus any amount paid in carbon offsets, and displays this information publicly through color coded lights. The hope for these pins is to nudge others into thinking about and reducing their carbon footprints.

An inspired Philip Frankenfeld of Washington D.C. (inspired by the pins, that is) has composed some lyrics to an original song, “I don’t just hang ten, I wear my carbon footprint on my heart.” To be sung, he says, “incongruously or not…in the style of a Beach Boys surfer song.” We’re not sure which Beach Boys song, but we invite readers to apply their favorite Beach Boys tune.

To read the song’s lyrics click here. (Frankenfeld was pretty serious about this. He wrote three verses and two bridges.)

Carbon offsets is also an anagram from Castes Born Off. Pick your favorite here.

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Gerard O’Neill posts an old Monty Python clip, “Nudge, nudge,” on his blog, Turbulence Ahead.



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