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Gamblers in New Jersey who voluntarily ban themselves from casinos can’t take their name of the list. We thought this was exactly how the of program was supposed to work.

Using an ambulance to take someone to the emergency room for a minor ailment – like a headache – is costly. The Richmond Ambulance Authority was recently recognized for an innovative program that routes non-life-threatening calls to an emergency room nurse. Costs are down; ambulance trips are down; response time to real emergencies is down.

A cell phone service that lets you snap pictures of the food you eat, send them to a licensed nutritionist, who then responds with facts and advice about your choices.

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Reader Travis Walker says he is contributing more to his 401(k) thanks to Nudge – and he didn’t even need a default rule! Recognizing the power of routines in daily lives, Walker sends along a proposal for a structured plan to help “procrastinators” take care of routine check-ups or maintenance on their bodies, their cars, or their homes. He specifically sketches out the idea as it would pertain to health, calling it the Health Care Agreement Account (HCA).

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