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Alan Schwartz reports on the labeling of waste and recycling bins at a local hospital. One is for “mixed paper”; another is for “Glass – plastic – aluminum. The third, a trash bin, is not labeled “trash” or “waste,” however. Rather, it’s a nice reminder to make sure you’re not throwing out mixed paper, glass, plastic or aluminum.

Addendum: This photo is a nice example of what we’d like to post more of on our Twitter page.

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By a show of gum

Tired of residents spitting out chewing gum on the street, the city of Luton, England, came up with a way to hasten clean-up and give people an opportunity to voice their opinions on some of the city’s most important questions. Well, the most entertaining questions, anyway.

stars nudge

marmite nudge

The Gum Target does not seem to be in use anymore. Could your city use one?

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This is why people dislike government. From the New York Times:

Threatened with steep fines if they dump too much trash, local governments around the country are imposing strict regimens to force residents to produce less and recycle more. Many now collect trash every other week, instead of every week. They restrict households to a limited amount of garbage, and refuse to pick up more. They require that garbage be put out only at strict times, reject whole boxes of recyclables that contain the odd non-recyclable item and employ enforcement officers who issue warnings and impose fines for failure to comply.

And when residents don’t comply, a “sticker of shame” is affixed to a resident’s garbage bin indicating a violation of garbage laws (ie. if a bin is left open). If governments are going to impose strict rules as a means to change behavior, they should create policies, technologies, or incentives to help people adapt. More rules, supported by harsher punishments, just anger citizens.

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