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The error rate* for American air traffic controllers is around 6.8 errors per million flights, and by law, they are required to retire at age 56 because of the risks their errors pose. Wonder how that compares to this young food traffic controller at Alinea?**

*An air traffic control error is typically when a safe distance is not maintained between two planes or between a plane and a physical object.

**Alinea is a world-class restaurant here in Chicago.

Hat tip: Ezra Klein and his readers, who point out that air traffic controllers use similar color-coded strips to track flights.

Addendum: This is also quite an example of the division of labor that occurs at high-end restaurants.

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Cross out the following sentence in your copy of Nudge: “Congress requires warnings on products with saccharin.” (Page 189 of the 2008 hardcover edition, the “Saving the Planet” chapter.)

The U.S. Congress repealed the law requiring saccharin products to carry health warning labels in 2000.

Special thanks to reader Lawrence Indyk for pointing this out.