Here’s how Washington State’s nudge for state park donations works via its web site

A couple years ago, Washington State switched the default rule on state park fees that drivers pay (or don’t pay) when they renew their licenses. Reader Steve Loeb nicely captures what this switch looks like on the Washington State Department of Licensing site.


  • Genehayward

    I wonder if this subscription offer from Statistica qualifies as a Nudge or a violent shove.


      Private companies are fond of nudges of that kind. In fact, I believe the whole marketing thing is to nudge people into buying a product. Fortunately, advertisers don’t have the power to force people : nudging is their best option.

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  • Bart

    Are you guys still alive? The last post was half a year ago… 

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    Golden Virginia

  • Angel Salazar

    Nudging teenagers into healthier behaviours: