Overheard at a TSA checkpoint the other day

A clever agent asks: Would you like to undergo a full-body pat-down by an agent or a quick and easy body scan in our machine?

The body scan, please.

File this under a nice reframing of a new and potentially scary technology.

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  • Anonymous


    Would you like to undergo a full-body pat-down by an agent or walk through the “Quick Scan” instrument?

    “The “Quick Scan” please.”

    -Later the person tells a friend “that new Quick Scan was easy.”

  • Nosybear

    The standard agent, however, asks “Scope or grope?”

  • Noname

    I remember a waiter asking me at Ruth’s Chris steak house –
    “Would you like tap water or refreshing bottled water?”

  • HoldUp

    I learned a long time ago to always take the “Less appealing” choice, many people are tricked by this.. but I simply know brainwashing when I hear it. Besides, why would anyone put themselves through flying in this day and age, its like walking into a police state. Ill take the full body painful body scan please, as a few mins being felt up feels a whole lot better than a lifetime of cancer thanks to those body scanning death machines..

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