Assorted links

1) Google’s PowerMeter is dead. Long live Google’s PowerMeter. Thoughts on why it didn’t take off here.

2) Choice overload at a young age. (See page 4 and markers)

3) Morningstar on “The Benefits of a Financial Nudge

4) FICO scores for medical adherence?

5) Early prognosis for tax receipt. It doesn’t much change how Americans feel about paying their taxes.

6) The Winner’s Curse in its most basic form: Spending $28 for a $25 gift card as part of an Ebay auction.

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  • David

    People could pay more for gift cards on ebay because of ebay bucks. They don’t last very long and if I have E$10 toward a purchase, I’d rather use that to overpay $5 for a gift certificate than let them expire. On top of that, you get new ebay bucks for buying the gift certificate. This should be fairly easy to test: do gift cards sell for more now than before the introduction of ebay bucks? I’d be shocked if that weren’t the case.

    On top of that, both credit cards and websites (e.g. fatwallet) offer cash back for ebay purchases, which could also explain why people pay more.

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