More sneaky email opt-out choice architecture?

Since our Groupon posting, we’ve gotten a few comments about opt-out emails. One interesting example, courtesy of a FONB (friend of the Nudge blog), comes from the Asian chain restaurant Pei Wei. Customers can sign up for “email alerts.” If they want to unsubscribe, Pei Wei takes them to a screen that directs them to “uncheck the box to unsubscribe.” Is Pei Wei is trying to do customers a service by cutting down on the extra click they have to make? Or is just trying to confuse customers who don’t read the page closely and react the way unsubscribe works on most other sites? Either way, “it definitely took me a minute to figure out exactly what I needed to do to unsubscribe,” the reader writes.

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  • Adrian Andre

    Why isn’t this considered Liberal Paternalism? Or is Choice Architecture the vague generalization it falls under by default?