Leaving Groupon is painful – especially for one employee

Unsubscribing from email newsletters, special offers, daily deals, and so forth is (assuming you remember to do it) typically as impersonal a task as signing up for them was in the first place. Check a couple boxes, make sure your email address is correct, and move on. Those who have unsubscribed from Groupon have noticed a completely different experience, which humanizes the process, activates guilt and regret in the unsubscriber, and — most important — gives that person a new reason and an immediate chance to resubscribe. It’s all captured quite nicely in the video below, in which Groupon employee “Derrick” is punished for losing you, the Groupon customer.

Careful observers of Groupon will notice that the “Derrick” is Groupon CEO Andrew Mason. Less known is that the man who throws coffee on Derrick is Groupon’s Chief Marketing Officer, the Nudgeblog believes. The Nudge blog has been told by a pair of Groupon employees that the video has been quite successful in getting unsubscribers to resubscribe. It’s easy to see why.