Great energy conservation billboard — as long as it’s not a real billboard

The right message does little good if it doesn’t reach anyone. Here a creative conservation message from the South African utility company Eskom. The billboard looks great in this photo, but does it work well out in the world? Hard to tell from here since the origins of this image are unknown. But there are reasons to be skeptical. The effect of the message only resonates at night. That’s half a day reaching people – lost (it would be great during an Alaskan winter). It’s hard to tell where this billboard is, but if it’s on a road for day time commuters, again, the effect is lost. The sign doesn’t look to be in a high-density urban location where it could at least benefit from nighttime foot traffic.

Bottom line: This message probably works better as a photo in a subway station than as an actual billboard on a country road. So let’s hope it’s not real.

Hat tip: Hebert Samuel and Brian Keene

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