Got a question for the duo behind the behavioral economics gym business?

Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer, the duo behind Gym-Pact, the behavioral economics gym plan in Boston we posted about earlier this year, will answer your questions about their business.




Post your questions in the comments section or email them to by the end of the week (Friday, May 13). Zhang and Oberhofer will answer on May 18th, the day Gym-Pact releases a iPhone app that lets people make their commitments at any gym. Before you send a question, you might check out the FAQs on the Gym-Pact site.

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  • adora

    Do you profit more from the penalty than the membership with this model? I’ve heard that regular health club profit most from signing uncommitted people who rarely use the facilities. That way, they can get more members without reaching maximum capacity. Is you gym at its capacity all the time?

    This next question is not specific for Gym Pact, but why do most personal trainers work in multiple health clubs? It doesn’t seem very efficient. Am I missing something?