Air New Zealand smashes the standard pre-flight safety video

The pre-flight script and video about rules for flying is routinely ignored, despite attendants requests for attention. Southwest Airlines uses jokes to gain attention. Air New Zealand uses Richard Simmons. Both are examples of how grabbing attention is a dynamic process. Breaking the expected pattern grabs attention – at least until it becomes expected again.

Meicheng Shi, who spotted the clip, writes: “The first time I flew in an airplane, I paid close attention to the safety instructions, carefully noting how to inflate a lifevest and where my nearest emergency exits were. Hundreds of flights later, I’m usually asleep before the crew even goes through flight safety…Throughout the entire video, almost everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen– I’ve never seen a flight where the passengers paid so much attention to the safety video.”

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  • Remus

    Actually, Air New Zealand has a track record of slightly unusual safety videos over the past years:
    “The bare essentials of safety”:
    “Crazy about rugby”:
    Unfortunately, these viedos are only used on domestic New Zealand services

  • Anonymous

    Back in the mid 1980s I flew from Hong Kong to Beijing on a China Airways Flight. It was on an old Tupolov plane and the stewardesses were all sitting in what passed for business class when we boarded and didn’t get up. There was no safety briefing and when it isn’t there, you sure as heck miss it. Ironically the flight back with the same airline was in a brand new 757 with attentive staff and it was the first time I ever saw the safety briefing done by video – the contrast between the two flights was barely believable.

  • Dismal Soyanz

    As someone who flies Air NZ domestically, the video is certainly attention grabbing the first time. The second time, may induce an under-the-breath chortle. Third time, its like any other safety video. For some NZers, it elicits a cringe.

    Arguably, the key to Air NZ safety briefings is that they are refreshed with fairly creative formats.