Cade Massey taken in the first round of the NFL draft. Where will Thaler go?

Gregg Easterbrook’s Mock of NFL Mock Drafts is out. The Patriots take Cade Massey in the first round but pass on Thaler. Thaler spends the rest of his career determined to prove Bill Belichick wrong.

17. New England Patriots (from Oakland). Cade Massey, behavioral economist, Yale University:

In recent drafts, New England has made six first-round trade-downs. The Flying Elvii are following the Massey-Thaler prescription. These academic economists contend that low draft picks actually are worth more than high picks, because the odds of finding a good player are the same, but the signing-bonus expense declines. Bill Belichick is the sole NFL draft-master to have taken the economists’ advice. The Patriots also hope to tab University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler, but only after repeatedly trading down to get Thaler cheaply.

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