Energy efficiency in Brighton – a block’s energy usage for all to see

Homeowners on Tidy St. in Brighton, U.K., are trying to save energy. Instead of simply monitoring their own use, they’ve enlisted a local artist to chart the block’s success in the middle of the street.

Residents who volunteered for a new energy-saving initiative have been given electricity meters so they can monitor their daily energy use, and identify which devices are using the most power, and when.

For the past three weeks, they have been entering daily meter readings on, to build up a picture of each household’s energy use.

Once people started measuring – 17 of the street’s 52 households signed up straight away – local street artist Snub was commissioned to paint the street’s average energy use against the Brighton average in a graph on the road outside their homes.

Over the first three weeks, energy consumption dropped by 15 percent.

Hat tips: Donnie Hall, Tiago Peixoto.


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    Saving energy is very helpful to the environment and also it lessen your bills.