Urinals part XIII

From Amsterdam, home of the original urinal fly. We’re not sure if this is a joke or not, but it definitely reduces spillage.


  • MG

    These urinals are definitely no joke. I’ve seen the same model in London, where it is typically and temporarily placed next to food bank distribution centres / salvation army food distribution locations.

  • Yurup

    I’ve used one at a music festival. Better than going against a fence.

  • Trevor

    No joke – seriously efficient on space etc. and stops people pissing in doorways

  • Marco (NL)

    Nope, no joke. The sensorial experience (smell: YAK!) when you are peeing in it and the feeling you have to get extremely close to the yakky pee-covered plastic ;-) But admitted: beats liters of pee next to public buildings etc.

  • Joao_quariguasi

    no joke – in Rotterdam they even have some that submerged in the day to re-appear in the night.

  • http://twitter.com/studioballenbak studio ballenbak

    In Enschede they’ve got ‘uri-elevators’; urinoirs that submerge in the street during the day and come up at night

  • Will

    They have them all over London, mainly in places where people are going out drinking at night. Public urination is quite common in Britain, and unlike in the States, doesn’t seem to be something the police can/do prevent. So this is basically an attempt to ‘nudge’ drunk men away from backstreets, behind bins, carparks and trees, or wherever else their bladder otherwise leads them. Sorry, but we’re a bit gross here.

  • Anonymous

    used one of these in a’dam in 2006. i don’t know i these would fly in the US given how privacy conscious americans feel.

  • JP

    These are great, particularly the fact that they have the men’s symbol on them.

  • http://www.theurinalshop.com.au The Urinal Shop

    wow! those are some squeezy urinals!