The bystander effect for recycling?


Another everyday bystander effect is here.

Hat tip: JetStream Vid.

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  • Diego Focanti

    If they want people to start recycling, they shouldn’t say that each 400 million plastic containers are not recycled. They should tell people how much other people DO recycle instead.

  • JakeW

    No one recycles because recycling isn’t worth it. The market tells us this.

  • Cyroose

    @ Jake – what do you even mean? What market are you talking about? Do you think because you won’t earn money recycling that you shouldn’t do it?

    @Diego – good point. Didn’t Mr. Thaler and Sunstein mention that in Nudge when they talked about littering in Texas? Interesting stuff.

  • johnston sweepers parts

    Newspapers and pieces of cardboard are usually required to be tied with string in some way.