What does behavioral economics look like in a marketing campaign? Draftfcb has some answers.

Before there was behavioral economics, there were marketers observing human behavior closely and appling their insights to the art and science of selling products. Today’s behavioral economists haven’t become marketers, but the discipline’s work is now finding its way back into marketing as a framework to systematically and strategically think about crafting clever campaigns. The advertising agency Draftfcb is one place where behavioral economics ideas are percolating through more than a few minds. Some of these thoughts have started appearing in a series of video blogs under the title “Lessons in Marketing to Crazy People.” Those lessons include making the first step of engagement with any product or service incredibly easy (“So Easy a Caveman Can Do It!”), and making the last impression (rather than the first one) count. The fifth video in the series has just been posted with thoughts on overcoming immediate hassles, which any good behavioral economist knows have foiled many a good intention.

The full set of videos can be found on John Kenny’s (of Draftfcb) Youtube channel.


  • Sarah

    If marketing directors are just starting to get into BE then they obviously wasn’t taking their job seriously. Trouble with BE is it tries to make a science out of an art and it was Bernbach, who sold many more products than and BE expert has. who said advertising is an art not a science “.