Urinals XI

Is it too quaint to appreciate the original urinal fly? Let’s hope not. From the Guardian:

Sega has installed the Toylets in male lavatories at four bars and games arcades in the Japanese capital. The games use pressure sensors attached to eye-level LCD screens that test users’ accuracy as they answer the call of nature.

The four games include one in which the object is to spray the screen clean of graffiti. Another, Manneken Pis, named after the famous statue in Brussels, measures the volume of the urine stream.

Splashing Battle, meanwhile, pits one user against another – though thankfully not directly – by challenging him to produce a more powerful stream than the previous visitor.

In the fourth game, the North Wind and the Sun and Me, sensors control a digital wind blowing up a young woman’s skirt. The greater the stream’s intensity, the higher the skirt travels.