Assorted links

1) Budgeting is like dieting. You don’t follow through on your plans.

2) Florida prison currency: Honey buns are the new cigarettes.

3) Maybe the nudge work in the U.K. should be more low-key.

4) Top 10 mistakes in behavior change from the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab. Hat tip: Joseph Clemens.

5) Smartmeters face a public backlash in California.

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  • Nosybear

    Budgeting is ineffective because most people budget from the wrong end of the Pareto chart. Cutting a latte while driving a Lexus is just plain dumb. Diet is the same: Instead of cutting the big source of calories, the amount shoveled into stomachs, people will try to cut sweets or bacon, the wrong end of the Pareto chart. Cut the big things and don’t worry about the damned latte (unless you realize that, large with multiple shots of flavoring, it’s over 800 calories….).