Britain going with a “prompted choice” organ donation system

Drivers applying for new licences from July will have to respond to a question about organ donation, as the government bids to increase donor numbers.

Under the “prompted choice” system, applicants must register to donate, say they have already signed up or state: “I do not want to answer this now.”

Under the DVLA’s current scheme, people can skip the question, but nearly 8m people have still signed up as donors.

More at the BBC.

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  • J Bagley

    In one recent year, in the UK, 49% of transplanted lungs were from smokers – not surprising once you know that there in Europe there is an almost perfect correlation between organ transplants and road deaths (risk-taking young males). At the same time, doctors suggest smokers should not receive organs. I carried a donor card for 30 years and recently ripped it up. I’m too long in the tooth to be influenced by emotional blackmail or nudging or whatever. And my organs are most certainly ruined by years of smoking and drinking.

  • Embroidery Digitising

    Twenty-seven per cent of the UK residents are registered donors. The DVLA scheme comes amid debate in the UK about the introduction of presumed consent, where all people are assumed to be willing to donate their organs unless they specifically choose to opt out.

  • John Ravenscroft

    if you nudge me I’ll give you my heart
    several lovers have torn it apart
    it’s of no use to me
    so i won’t charge a fee
    (don’t remove it until i depart)

  • driving school Pershore

    Through this, the number of donors will surely increase. Furthermore, drivers are given the right to choose. They can skip or face it.

  • Sam Souffle toys by David Foox in support of organ donation and the Opt-Out system for donors. Yes we can change the law and yes it is time. xoxo Samantha Souffle

  • Hoffers79

    Can I nudge everyone to watch this beautiful but emotional TV commercial for the Organ Donor Foundation.
    Please watch and share and then go sign up.

  • Kokilaben Hospital India