Does your cell phone…

tell you to remove the charger from the wall socket after it’s finished charging? Amol Agrawal says his Nokia phone does. Nice little reminder nudge.


  • Tigere36

    Cell phones don’t need that feature because they automatically stop charging after the battery is finished charging. On the other hand, it would be helpful when you use a car charger because in that case the phone will continue to charge even when it is full. The phone can get damaged.

    That’s right, I just rebutted my rebut.

    • Anonymous

      So they stop charging, but to they still draw any power? (Perhaps a stupid question)

      • Peter

        Yes they do, it is the current needed to keep the transformer magnetized. It is a very low current but with many chargers drawing a small current………

  • Mark Pack

    Whenever I’ve looked into my mobile phone chargers, they seem to take an absolutely tiny amount of power during the time they are plugged in but not charging (literally a matter of a few pennies per year). That however is in the UK, so perhaps chargers are different in other countries – but if not, it seems to me it’s such a tiny issue as to not really have a useful impact?

  • Anonymous

    I once had a phone that beeped when it had finished charging. I never quite managed to avoid charging it overnight in the room I was sleeping in and being disturbed by the beep thinking I had a message or whatever. I didn’t think of this as a bonus feature. At all. I can see the laudable aim though. But doesn’t everyone just charge their phone overnight?