The ambient orb for taking your medicine

From the French artist Mathieu Lehanneur, reported by NPR. It’s still just a concept but the basic idea is to have the “orb” get sicker as the patient neglects to take her medicine.

The boy…has asthma. His asthma medicine is in that light-bulb looking thing on the night table. I think it is a kind of inhaler.

If the boy doesn’t take his medicine on time, the inhaler will change color “displaying its own physiological problem and indicating to the patient the urgency of taking the medication.”

In other words, the device “gets sick” if the boy doesn’t use it. And when he does, it gets better (and so does he!) This design taps into our desire to help others feel better. Clever, no?

A TED talk by the artist is here. The part about patient non-adherence starts at the 7:30 minute mark.

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