A winning British export? Whitehall energy meters

All 18 Whitehall departments have posted real-time energy monitors that can be tracked online by the public. The monitors are the result of a David Cameron pledge and the handiwork of eco|Driver. The goal of the meters is to reduce carbon emissions across the government. An example: the Ministry of Justice’s energy consumption info is here.

Overall, the concept is great. If only the U.S. government would import the idea. Still, the U.K. monitors could benefit from a bit of tweaking. eco|Driver tells the Nudge blog that Whitehall energy data can be found on one site (data.gov.uk), but not on one page. Being able to compare 18 department usage patterns on a single page would likely help promote larger conservation successes. In addition, the department energy usage data seems to be measured as aggregate totals, but all departments are not the same size.

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