Grocery cart choice architecture

Researchers at New Mexico State University say a simple change in the design of shopping carts may help people make better decisions about the food they buy.

Collin Payne, an assistant professor in NMSU’s College of Business, conducted the research at supermarkets in Las Cruces. Researchers marked a line with yellow duct tape across the width of shopping carts, and placed a sign on the cart asking shoppers to place fruit and vegetables in front of the tape line, and the rest of their groceries behind the line.

“And what we saw was a bump of a 102% increase in purchasing of fruits and vegetables with that simple sign and line,” Payne said.

Full story here. Hat tip: Rags Srinivasan, Jamey Coughlin.

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  • Jay Sean

    That would be such a brilliant idea. Very interesting. Thanks! =)

  • aduh omad

    the reason they won’t change the design of the grocery chart because it will lower their profit. buyer will only buy small amount of goods that they really need rather than buy a lot of goods that they don’t really need. dedaunan