Way better than speed humps

From Freakonomics:

Karan Talwar, a blogger and Freakonomics reader, writes about an interesting traffic nudge near Shimla, India. The roads into Shimla are notoriously dangerous, and traffic signs have done little to lessen the problem. So local authorities began constructing temple shrines at hot spots. The nudge worked like a charm: “Turns out even though the average Indian has no respect for traffic laws and signs, they will slow down before any place of worship and take a moment to ask for blessings!”


  • Rajat

    In Shimla, its a practice to make a temple shrine at a spot where some accident leading to casualty has taken place. Now, there are number of such places where such temples have been constructed as the roads are notoriously dangerous and till now the authorities are just blaming each other for the poor roads. The traffic within the city is heavily congested,moreover all light and heavy traffic going to other places passes through the major habitable areas of Shimla town. The plans to remove traffic problems is in papers only.