Apple follows the Amazon price (not the market price) on e-books – for now

Determining a “fair” price is a subjective endeavor. William Poundstone points out that for now, Apple has decided that the fair price for an e-book is what Amazon is charging (which, incidentally may or may not be what the “market” price for an e-book would be).

Apple’s new iPad Bookstore allows publishers to set prices. Contrary to early speculation, Apple is selling many bestsellers for the “Amazon” price of $9.99. Otherwise $12.99 is a common price point at the iPad Bookstore. Meanwhile, Amazon has quietly raised prices for many eBooks — often inscrutably — as a result of new agreements with publishers…The net effect of the iPad so far: There’s a wider range of eBook prices and less price difference between Apple and Amazon than the pundits predicted.

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