Confusing choice architecture: Don't text, but check out our tweets

Talk about mixed messages.

At least 22 states that ban texting while driving offer some type of service that allows motorists to get information about traffic tie-ups, road conditions or emergencies via Twitter.

Sadly, the Nudge blog’s home state of Illinois is one of them. Full story here.

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  • Liam Delaney

    Nudge blog should consider twitter!

  • Oliver

    Brilliant! As a marketeer messages positioned in the form, place, and time of maximum effectiveness is 101 thinking: The message delivery version of taxing at source.

  • boynamedsioux

    I work for a DOT that does this, and we’ve had some debate about it. We came down on the side that we want to make it as easy to get information as possible, so in addition to traditional ways (511, web, etc.) of notifying the public about road closures and construction, we also send out messages on twitter. It has been well received by the public. The paradox is certainly not lost, but just because we send out a message on twitter doesn’t mean it’s okay for people to be on twitter while they’re actually driving.

    One thing we’ve done to help is break the state into several local pieces, so it’s much more likely that the message will be relevant. Many DOT’s just have one feed for the entire state, which I wouldn’t think would be too helpful in the end.