A parent's nudge for her daughter's study habits

Reader Dawn Jacksland has created a nudge to make sure her daughter does her homework.

In order to help our teenage daughter remember to do homework before computer time, we add a login to her password login. It asks her first if she has finished her homework and if the answer is yes then she can get to her password login. Simple. Easy. Effective. By having to answer yes or no she is thinking about it every time she wants to use the computer. Many times we have seen her stop and head to her desk. She had forgotten some work that she needed to do.


  • doesitwork

    Do you think that, over time, she will become desensitized to the prompt?

  • Melissa

    Awesome! Perhaps she will get desensitized over time, but if that happens, perhaps a variation of the prompt will work. Also, I think this will work with kids who are not actively trying to skip their homework but who simply happen to forget. She just needs a subtle reminder and this is a great way to do it.

  • Frank

    How easily can this be done? Can you provide a link to directions?

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