Going to the blackjack table? Bring your dad

A commitment strategy to avoid gambling away your winnings from the non-fiction dad’s five part review of Nudge.

The last day of the cruise I couldn’t get the losses out of my head and was sure that if I sat down again I could get my money back.  This time my Dad came along to watch.  I sat down with $50 this time just in case I caught a cold streak before the winning was to begin.  Well sure enough the first few hands didn’t start off all that well, and I was down to $20.  Then finally the dealer busted and I won a hand.  This was followed by a tap on the shoulder.  My Dad told me to give him the chip that I had just won so I wouldn’t be tempted to bet with it.  Then I won the next hand, followed by another chip in my Dad’s pocket.  Then again, same routine.  I started to think that there was something to this, as after the fourth win in a row there had to be some kind of karmic energy involved with “being responsible” with your winnings.  I believe I won something like the next five out of seven hands and ended up even for the whole trip, all thanks to my Dad playing the role of the blackjack jiminy cricket.

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