What do coffee shops do when college students come in to use their wireless network without buying any coffee?

An agency in the Netherlands comes up with a clever piece of choice architecture for every coffee or sandwich shop in a college town:

(CoffeeCompany) wanted to attract more students. So it installed WiFi in some of its stores near universities. The problem is lots of students just come into the store for the WiFi but hardly look at the menu. So (a marketing firm) and CoffeeCompany decided to move the store’s menu into the WiFi menu of customers’ laptops (and iPhones).

In case you can’t read the last line on this image it reads: “The best part came when people yelled across the room to ask the barista what the name of the WiFi network was and the barista answered one of the WiFi lines like, “OrderAnotherCoffeeAlready.”


The wireless network menu also always includes lines alerting customers to food and drink specials.


Hat tip: Jordan Lloyd

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  • Cherie

    I noticed (at the Brewery Bar and Restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand) last week that they had a wireless network so I tried to connect. The network wasn’t free but the wine list and menu were available. It had much better graphics and colour than the physical menu. I thought it was s a great way to improve a restaurant experience for those that have the technology.