A nudge forum on housing and credit

Jim Heskett of Harvard Business School asks two questions over at HBS Working Knowledge.

1) Can housing and credit be “nudged” back to health?

2) Did human frailty cause this crisis (as Sunstein and Thaler have suggested)?

Readers weigh in here.

Hat tip: Mostly Economics.

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  • http://www.loanmodificationpro.net B.N. Allen

    Can Housing and Credit be nudged back to health?

    I think it will take a complete overhaul of the system.

    Let’s hope that the extreme measures being attempted now will ultimately prove sufficient…and…

    Let’s hope that Congress, in its wisdom, finally enacts legislation that renders it nearly impossible for unqualified borrowers from obtaining loans they can’t afford – and that would make any and all lenders who allow such loans in the future fully liable.

  • http://tipsforloanmodification.info Steve

    Human frailty causes most crises in my opinion. It is what makes us so great and destructive and greedy at the same time