More momentum for the Conservative "nudge agenda" in the U.K.

From yesterday’s Guardian.

Households will be rewarded by a Conservative government for recycling waste with vouchers worth up to £360 a year, the shadow chancellor, George Osborne, will say tonight. In a speech to the Green Alliance sustainable development body, Osborne will outline plans to bring to the UK an American recycling scheme that would reward people for recycling.

Osborne thought the vouchers would be redeemable in local restaurants. The Guardian attributes this proposal to Nudge.

Osborne will locate Recycle Bank firmly within the Conservative’s “nudge” agenda, based on the social theories of American sociologists Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein that have influenced US presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Not sure when Thaler and Sunstein became sociologists. They’re happy for the pub, but really, there’s probably a few people who would say this idea comes straight out of plain old Nudge-free economics.

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  • michael

    I would support this. All Brown and Labour do these days is to dream up new fines and penalties to force people to behave in certain way.

    We would get much better results if people actually want to participate instead of being threatened to comply or else!