George Will writes about Nudge

And the conservative columnist likes it. Will thinks Obama is a libertarian paternalist, and he has a bit of fun with Cass Sunstein’s upcoming move.

Barack Obama is a “choice architect” aiming to implement “libertarian paternalism.” He might not know that he is; he might embrace the practice without understanding the theory. It is adumbrated in the new book “Nudge” by two occasional and informal advisers to Obama, both of whom are former colleagues of his at the University of Chicago, Richard H. Thaler of the Graduate School of Business, and Cass R. Sunstein of the Law School.

Beginning this autumn, Sunstein, while retaining a connection with Chicago, will teach primarily at Harvard, an act of downward mobility that illustrates a central tenet of “Nudge,” that even intelligent and analytical people often make foolish choices.

Read the entire Newsweek column, “Nudge Against the Fudge: Dare we hope that Barack Obama shares the ‘libertarian paternalism’ of two of his former University of Chicago colleagues?”

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