Sunstein on Obama

Sunstein has revised and extended a piece he originally published this spring on what kind of a person Barack Obama is and what kind of a president he would be. (The original version is here.) A few excerpts from the new version, “Obama: The University of Chicago Democrat,” are posted below:

Some people are describing Obama as a conventional liberal, or as “the most liberal person in the Congress,” but these descriptions are preposterous. Obama is a pragmatist, first and foremost, and he defies the standard political categories. In this sense, he is not only focused on details but is also a uniter, both by inclination and on principle.

He is strongly committed to helping the disadvantaged, but his University of Chicago background shows. He appreciates the virtues and power of free markets. In some of his most important disagreements with Senator Clinton, he suggested caution about mandates and bans, and stressed the value of freedom of choice…

Expect transparency to be a central theme in any Obama administration, as a check on government and the private sector alike. It is highly revealing that Obama worked with Republican Tom Coburn to produce legislation creating a publicly searchable database of all federal spending.